Raymond Dempsey Full Story

12 Dec 2016

I have to say that this surgery saved my life. After 21 back surgery’s, I am out of pain, have total movement and strength in my left leg, and I am walking.

It has been a difficult road to get back walking. After 7 years in a wheelchair I am beginning to walk again. I have been a night mare to all of the therapist that I have worked with because they have never had anyone begin to walk again after being in a wheel chair for 7 years. Also we have begun getting me off the pain med’s. I have been on OxyContin 320 mg and 120 mg of Morphine for 15 years. The reason that I am here is because of the great surgery that you performed on both of my sack joints. I would like to thank you for this surgery, it has turned my life around.
I would like to tell everyone how this worked, if you need a patient that wants to find out how excellent this surgery is I would be very happy to talk to anyone who is think about it if they have any doubts about how this works. I have also sent a letter to Aetna about this surgery, as to what it has done for me. So that they will approve this surgery without jumping through hoops, because it works. Thanks, Ray Dempsey