R.S. Sanger, TX Full Story

12 Dec 2016

I found Dr. Sam very professional, and his caring attitude displayed to be more personal and genuine than any of the literally dozens of neurosurgeons we engaged over the past 30 years of my life.

I highly recommend Dr. Sam and his team for any back/neck surgery needed.  He is definitely worth the drive or flight.

I have been in pain for over 25 years of my life as a result of an accident.  I was smashed in-between two vehicles and had to have multiple back and neck surgeries. As I was approaching back surgery number 20, my wife heard of a place in Florida that was doing some great things in rebuilding the total back/neck areas.  She researched for a few years and by chance was talking to one of her dog shows friends who just had their back redone by Dr. Samuel Joseph.  Since we had a reference, we contacted them and got an evaluation done.

Dr. Sam accepted me as a patient.  I had my total back/neck redone in a lengthy, two-day surgery in September 2013.  Prior to this, I was on at least 10 Hydrocodone 10’s a day just to take the edge off the 24/7 constant pain I was in.  As I know I will never be pain-free, I am relieved of approximately 70-80% of my back/leg/neck pain along with my headaches.  I can walk better and stand straight. I am down to 3 Hydrocodone 5’s a day, and sometimes just a Tylenol will help.