State-of-the-Art Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery Now Offered by Dr. Samuel Joseph of Joseph Spine Center in Tampa Florida

Tampa, FL November 9, 2017 - Dr. Samuel Joseph, founder of Joseph Spine, will be one of a select group of spine surgeons globally that now offers minimally invasive spine surgery through the Mazor X Robotics Guidance System.

This next generation, revolutionary technology enables Dr. Joseph to perform safer and more accurate spine surgeries. For our patients, this means better clinical outcomes with less pain and fewer complications, enabling a faster recovery and return to daily activities.

Planning and Implantation of Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery

Surgical treatment of the spine requires planning and precision, and each patient’s anatomy has unique challenges. Surgery with Mazor X Robotics’ guidance system enables Dr. Joseph to plan ahead before entering the operating room. During surgery, it guides him according to the preoperative plan that was created.

Dr. Joseph will use this advanced 3D planning software before surgery to create a unique surgical blueprint, which is the ideal surgery for each patient’s condition. During surgery, Dr. Joseph does the actual work; the Mazor X Robotics systems guides his tools according to the surgical blueprint to place the implants safely, and with the highest level of accuracy in the exact preplanned locations. And since there is no need for additional X-rays during surgery, there is less exposure to radiation than with other surgical treatments.

Benefits to Dr. Joseph’s Spine Patients

Mazor X Robotics Guidance System is transforming spine surgery by advancing surgical techniques from freehand methods to state-of-the-art, minimally invasive guided procedures. Minimally-invasive surgery with Mazor X Robotics technology offers the following benefits to patients:

  1. Increases accuracy
  2. Lowers complication rates
  3. Reduces postoperative pain
  4. Enables faster recovery and return to daily activities

How safe is this technology?

The Mazor X Robotics Guidance System is powered by Mazor X Robotics clinically proven technology — used in thousands of surgeries worldwide, including placement of tens of thousands of implants. Like all Mazor X Robotics systems, it strictly adheres to international standards and has received FDA clearance in the USA and the European CE Mark.

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