Total Pain Relief

9 Aug 2022

I had my first lower back surgery on Nov. 2016, fused my S1 and L5. My spine had dislocated back in 1993 while lifting very heavy weights. Continued power lifting until back pain had worsened to the point it was unbearable. Unfortunately, about 6 months after surgery I was rear ended by a police officer and was in pain almost immediately following accident. My original surgeon had left the area for a position in Arizona and I made the most regrettable decision to have Tressor from Florida Orthopedic follow up with revision surgery. That “doctor” put me in the most intense pain imaginable up until Dr. Joseph rescued me. After seeing several Surgeons, all said there was nothing they could do, Dr. Joseph, after 3 surgeries has relieved all my lower back pain. I cannot say enough positive comments about him, even after the 3rd surgery and still experiencing intense pain mostly in my hips, ordered X rays and found my hips were past bone. Having 2nd hip surgery this Friday. Thank you, Dr.