9 Aug 2022

I have been in continuous pain since 2018.   My sleeping partners were two ice packs and one moist heating shoulder pad.  I put my health off due to being a caregiver for my mother, that moved in with me in 2014.  I promised her I would not ever put her in a home, and she passed overlooking our beautiful pond in the backyard of my house on January 30th.   I am unsure if God just kept the pain under control due to working full time and being a full-time caregiver until I could get my care.  However, I went to my Chiropractor, and he said it’s now time to get an MRI, and he ordered it.  Well, the MRI was five pages long.  I knew by the look on his face it was not good news.  He said until I saw a Neurosurgeon, he would not touch me other than Ultrasound treatments.  I also had a home massage therapist every week.  He recommended I go to Joseph Spine Institute.

I researched this practice, and there were not many google reviews, but I trusted Dr. Dave.  So I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Thuy M Nguyen, Neurosurgeon.

I can not say enough about his staff and mention a few that were inspirational to me throughout this process.  (Dr. Nguyen, Sandra (Surgical Scheduler), Jasmin, Jennifer (RN, BSN, CMSRN from BayCare); if I missed anyone, my apologies.

My surgery was on July 11th at St. Joes South.   The only bad part was my past surgeries, and I had reactions to codeine medications, so Fentanyl was used with a brief span of pain relief; not sure of my recovery nurse other than I was in excruciating pain.   She did not have any empathy; however, I demanded that she call Dr. Nguyen, and he must have called my Anesthiolgist her cocktail nurse anesthetist came in, and she said we are going to give you something more potent.  So they stayed with me and monitored me, and I was observed overnight and released the following afternoon.

Let me tell all of you that it was a miracle; before surgery, my left leg was dragging, and I had no feeling in my right arm, cold and numb most days.

I limped and could barely do steps.  So I AWOKE WITH NO PAIN ON WEDNESDAY, FOLLOWING MY SURGERY.  I am now post-op three weeks, walking 3-4 miles daily, and walking my puppies again!

Thank you to this excellent team of professionals.  See all of you in October for my three months check-up!

It makes me cry I feel so great!

Thank you,